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Rubik’s Cube and Best SpeedCubes

Educational jigsaw puzzles and jigsaw puzzles for kids can help develop their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, counting, creativity and more. They also make a great birthday or holiday gift – everyone loves jigsaw puzzles!
Board games, puzzles and video games are fun ways for students to practice and apply skills.

for young thinkers

All children are different, and some enjoy the outdoors and physical play, while others enjoy sitting still. For the latter, we have prepared a series of board games and puzzles. Although fidgeters will definitely love some of the things we picked.
Puzzles and board games have become an integral part of educational toys and games. They contribute to the development of cognitive abilities, logical thinking, perseverance and concentration. And creative thinking.

Rubik's Cube Shop Budapest
Rubik’s Cube Shop Budapest

We’re used to separating logical thinking from creative thinking, but think about it, because each Meccano is not meant to be assembled according to instructions, but to realize the idea born in a child’s head. You can make new rules for almost every board game. Isn’t this creative thinking?

The great thing about board games and puzzles is that you can play with both parents and children. If parents find it difficult to accompany their children on the playground, board games require only a chair, and a parent’s desire to share the emotion of the game with their child. If you don’t know how to entertain your kids, board games and puzzles might be just what you need.

Furthermore, we consider it very important that all our products are safe and made from environmentally friendly materials (mainly wood). And when using paint, it is a safe and environmentally friendly paint.


Board Games & Puzzles

Bring friends and family together with exciting games, puzzles and puzzles. The collection includes a rich collection of classic family board games and interactive games for all ages, so there is something for everyone. Scroll through to find great puzzle board games for two or more players, or pick a puzzle and relax on your own.


Toy Shop Budapest
Toy Shop Budapest