Rubik’s cube mini statue Budapest

Did you had any idea that this well known puzzle toy is a Hungarian development? So it ought to shock no one that Kolodko needed to celebrate the Rubik’s 3D square by making it into a smaller than expected sculpture.

Although you won’t be able to solve this puzzle, you can admire its clever design by visiting the Buda riverbank near Batthyány Square, opposite Parliament.


A day or two ago, I was cycling on the Danube bank, and I saw that a young lady was snapping a picture of something little close to the railing. I thought I’d pause and check what may be so fascinating in a piece of cement. Indeed, the piece of cement covered a minuscule metal sculpture, to be specific a slimy parasite. Do you recollect which fantasy he was featuring ready? Also, who was the b-gave jack of all trades?

Many unique tourist attractions are hidden in Budapest. Truth be told, a large portion of those living in the capital just know from funeral wagon that there are little statuettes concealed in the roads. All of them were made by Mikhail Kolodko, a Carpathian artist, and they show up in many parts of the city without being noticed. The greater part of them are little to such an extent that we stroll past them undetected consistently without focusing on them. However, the sculptures do exist, and I shared numerous tales about them on my Instagram page (you can follow me here). I was so excited when I found the maggot that I got on two wheels and cycled around the city until I found all 19 little figures. Sadly, one has proactively been taken, yet in case it wasn’t already obvious, it will be remembered for the blog entry as well.

Me cycling on the streets of Budapest. Source: If you want to host a special program in Budapest and pretend to be Indiana Jones for a day, you should locate the Kodolko statues, for which I have brought the treasure map. But I won’t tell you everything that goes on behind the scenes so that everyone can have fun finding them, but I will include a compass and a list of exactly where to look and what to look for.
1. Ern Rubik’s cube, one of Hungary’s most well-known creations, does not need to be presented separately. Setting up an enchanted solid shape of 27 components has consistently perplexed me, however obvious devotees can translate its confidential in 4.22 seconds. I would rather not contend with this world record, I was glad to track down the shape at Bem dike, close to Batthyány Square. While you are there, take in the view of the Parliament in the distance and the Danube.

Tip: The cube is hidden between the lower and upper embankment ways; look for the hatchway.



Rubik's Cube mini statue Budapest
Rubik’s Cube mini statue Budapest

Rubik’s cube mini statue Budapest

Photo: instagram.com/statuesofbudapest